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Chile runs 4.630 Km from North to South along South America Western coast, but from East to West its widest point is just 430 Km across.Santiago, Capital of the Country (Chile) was founded by the Spanish in 1541 over Santa Lucia Hill. Santiago lies along the Central Valleys, and the Mapocho River goes across the city. It combines its colonial Spanish style with the modern buildings.Central Valley, is a large region of 700 miles, where Viña del Mar and Santiago are located.
After 1 and half hour drive from Santiago you arrive to this beautiful beach city, where the sandy beaches and exciting nightlife can be enjoyed. 
Viña del Mar, attracts thousands of vacationers during the Summer thanks to its famous beaches on the Pacific Ocean. Thousand of tourists disembark from cruises to enjoy the city. Big avenues lined with sand beach, and its sybaritic plenitude of gourmet restaurants. While Viña's celebrity has brought modern buildings, the character of the town is set by its many charming colonial houses. The resort is also known for its beautiful parks.
La Serena, is a city 490 Km North from Santiago, on the Elqui River. Close to La Serena, there are beautiful valleys where the world famous Chilean grapes are grown. It is the second oldest city in Chile and offers many attractions to enjoy.
North, up North we find Atacama Desert with its many archaeological treasures. This is the driest desert on theGlobe. Impressive archaeological vestiges, lush oasis, soaring volcanoes, brilliant sunny beaches and modern coastal cities welcome visitors all year round. Principal points of interest: San Pedro de Atacama, Arica, Calama, Iquique and Antofagasta.
Patagonia y Lake District, the lakes of Chile are perhaps one of the last truly wonders on Earth. Renown as one of the most beautiful natural trips is The Lake Crossing from Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas over spectacular lake Todos los Santos to Bariloche (Argentina), through emerald green lakes and winding roads across The Andes Mountain Range. In the South, the Chilean Patagonia offers a great variety of attractions such as the majestic Andes that declines into the Pacific Ocean with glaciers and fjords reaching up to Tierra del Fuego ("Fire Land"), across the Magellan Straits. Puerto Montt, a fishermen town, is point of departure for cruises through the fjords and to visit the surroundings areas. Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales are the doors to the famous Paine Towers National Park and Milodon Cave.Easter Island, is placed in the Pacific Ocean, a small but mysterious island of volcanic origin, an outdoor museum with an area of 180 sq. Km. and considered the most isolated point on the globe, (approximately 3.780 km from Santiago (Capital city of Chile). More than 600 gigantic statues, called Moais, volcanoes and mysterious caves with impressive petrography, figures carved into the rocks, silent witness a civilization that was never fully interpreted. Transparent waters, pleasant semi tropical climate and friendly natives make of Easter Island an unforgettable experience. Easter Island's people, who have Polynesian origin, call the isle Te Pito Te Henua, which means: "The World's Navel".


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