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Qubrada de Humahuaca

The North-West includes the provinces of Salta, Jujuy, Tucuman, Catamarca and Santiago del Estero. 

Panoramic view of the Iguazu Falls
The Big Waters: Magnificent, exotic and adventurous waterfalls, surrounded by exuberant vegetation, semi-precious stone mines, high quality hotels immerse in the nature and several options for an unforgettable stay, such as birds watching, ecological train trips, moonl
Magellanic penguin
Known as the Atlantic Patagonia we find Valdes Peninsula, located within the National Park of the province of Chubut, in the middle of the Patagonia Region.
Route 40 runs along side the Andes from la Puna until reaching the Glaciers of the South. It is mythical for many reasons. For the solitary stretches it crosses. For the peaks of the Andes that

The area of Buenos Aires State is as big as a European Country, like France, Italy or Spain. The city of Buenos Aires is cosmopolitan, with European sceneries, enjoyable, and lively as its people.

Between the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans you will find the "Estrecho de Magallanes" (Magellan’s' Strait) and Cape Horn, entrance door to the Antarctica, "The End of the World".

Magallanes named this region because of the natives that where found when he arrived. They were called "Patagones" (which means "big foot").

This area covers Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja and Cordoba Provinces.